Should I buy an electric Car? Some reasons to considering getting one

An electric car has many features no other car has, the performance is one thing. The other is the way
it is driven. An electric car may run quietly and silently, or be a noisy machine. While the efficiency
of an electric car may be excellent, another thing is how it is driven.

Tesla model y interior
Tesla model y interior

Another big feature of an electric car is its range. There are four basic components that go in to the
production of an electric car: the battery, the motor, the drive and the charging station. In the
production of an electric vehicle, the output of all these components is multiplied and divided by the
amount of energy the car can actually produce. In its rawest form, an electric vehicle is an electric
car with battery packs attached to the wheels. This has a big impact on its lifespan.

The Tesla Model 3 is being produced with an almost fully loaded 572 horsepower (450 kW) lithium ion battery pack. Tesla advertises the range at about 310 miles (500 km). It is already expected to sell
500k units this year. This is a big deal. According to Tesla, the production of an electric car has a
capacity to produce about 1 million units every year. Therefore, Tesla’s new car is a huge step forward.

How does an electric vehicle drive? When we think about electric cars, we usually think about Tesla’s
Supercharger stations. But for the Model 3 it is called a “Performance Charging Station.” The difference between these two things is in charging capacity. A Tesla Supercharger is a network of 10–15 Superchargers that all charge the same at the same time. The Model 3 is an “Performance Charging Station” with a system that allows you to charge overnight. It uses a 100 watt solar array. The cost to install that station is very inexpensive in comparison to other charging stations.

Tesla has used this technology in the Model S. They have said it would be a $7,000 investment to go
through the charging process. So, for this Model 3, the cost for charging overnight is about $3,000.
They are working on a similar system for the Model X in 2018, according to Tesla. This has a big impact on the car’s battery.

How does it drive? The real test of whether an electric car is a real improvement on the Model S or the Model X will be its speed. How quick can it go? Tesla is promising the Model 3 could go from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds. That’s a big deal. The Model X would take around 3 to 4 seconds. To hit those targets, if it really does go from 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds, we will see a large improvement on the Tesla model.

Tesla makes a lot of noise about battery longevity and environmental impact – one of its early claims
was that the battery would last a lifetime. If this can be achieved – and there is no reason to think it
cannot be – then we are talking about a very long-lasting electric vehicle.

Tesla says the Model S has a range of 220 miles (346 km), as long as you add the battery pack, it can
easily go longer than 200 miles (322 km). The Model X has a range of 200 miles (322 km).

Tesla has also talked about electric vehicles being safer and less fuel-demanding to run. This comes as no surprise but what is really important is that the Model S electric drivetrain is very quiet – which
is another indication that Tesla’s production model is an excellent value.

Tesla’s Model X has an electric motor that drives an electric motor that drives an electric motor. That
is it. There is very little power to be lost because most of the energy is lost inside the vehicle
through the batteries. A Tesla Model S battery pack is about the size of a small refrigerator. It is a
massive battery that is completely encased in a chassis made from lightweight aluminum that is nearly impervious to a variety of road damage.

The Model S battery pack, like every electric vehicle on the planet, has its own special set of safety
measures. The only other vehicle that has this package of safety features is the BMW i8. No other
vehicle on the face of the planet can use them as extensively as the Model S.

There are three important safety features that are very important to electric cars;

One, no airbags

Two, no blind spot sensors

Three (yes, three), air cleaners

That is because electric motors are very loud.

The Tesla Model S electric motor is very loud, especially if the vehicle is in gear (which most models
are in). It can be heard by anyone on the street. We hear a lot of the Model S. The Model S has a big
volume headunit that is mounted on the roof, so it can be heard as well. The Model S battery pack is
only an inch or two high. This makes it easy for a motor noise to be heard from many hundreds of feet away.

Tesla makes a lot of noise when the vehicle is going. It is loud in urban areas. In the suburban areas
it is even louder. The Tesla is very quiet on a quiet road. It does not sound very much like a gas car.
It can pass for an open, unheated car under those conditions.

Some people can drive the Tesla quite comfortably. They can go very fast – just like a gas car – but the Tesla is much quieter than a gas car.

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