2020 Lincoln Aviator – Review, features and specs

The new 2020 Lincoln Aviator car is a Standard Sport Utility Vehicle 4WD that has been revealed and brings some interesting features and specs for this model. This edition has new improvements in the engine, speed, power and others. The review for this model with the new specifications are detailed next.

2020 Lincoln Aviator
2020 Lincoln Aviator

Vehicle/Engine type

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is a 4-door wagon vehicle type, it has a front-engine, a rear-wheel-drive for traction and there are 7-passenger seats in the interior. The engine is a twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 24-valve V-6 with features like aluminum block and heads and direct fuel injection.


On the dimensions specs, the vehicle length is 199.3 in, width of 79.6 in, a wheelbase of 119.1 in and a height size of 69.6 in. It has a passenger volume of 143 ft3 (cubic foot), the cargo volume is about 18 ft3 (cubic foot) and a curb weight of 4932 lb (pounds).

Transmission and Power

This model comes with 10-speed automatic transmission, has a power of 400 hp (horsepower) at 5500 rpm and a torque of 415 lb-ft (pound-foot) at 3000 rpm.


The Active park assist plus reduce the stress from parking by taking over the steering, shifting, braking and acceleration with just one button to navigate getting in and out of parallel and direct parking spaces with ease.
The Revel Ultima 3D Audio System re-creates an original concert-hall experience by immersing occupants in superior, rich, sound emanating from 28 speakers throughout the interior.
An ergonomically advanced Vision steering wheel, intended for ultimate ease of use and customization, adds to the effortless ambient through contextual controls
Available Adaptive Suspension, which uses a suite of 12 sensors that constantly monitor vehicle motion, body movement, steering, acceleration and braking activities
Aviator model is available in an iridescent Flight Blue exterior color, which complements its flowing lines.
Standard driving modes include Normal, Conserve, Excite, Slippery and Deep Conditions
2020 Lincoln Aviator interior
2020 Lincoln Aviator interior
2020 Lincoln Aviator interior
2020 Lincoln Aviator interior


The base and starting price for this model is about $57,285 without the optional extra features implemented.


The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is able to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph nearly (96 km/h) in 5.4 sec, the standing start quarter (1/4) mile or 402 meter time racing is about 14.0 sec at 101 mph and reach a top speed of 145 mph (miles per hour).

The rollout of 1 foot (one foot measure between where a car starts on a drag strip and where the timing actually starts) for this model is about 0.3 sec, however the rollout of 1 foot from 5 to 60 mph is about 6.0 sec.
In other speed testings, the vehicle goes from 0 to 100 mph in just 13.8 sec.
The top gear acceleration from 30 mph to 50 mph is around 3.2 sec and from 50 mph to 70 mph is around 3.8 sec.
Talking about the vehicle braking from 70 mph to 0, it needs 162 ft.
In the roadholding test with 300 foot-dia skipad, the car gets about 0.85 g.


In the chassis, we have a struts/multilink suspension, 13.6-in vented disc/13.8-in vented disc brakes and Michelin Primacy A/S and 255/55R-20 110V M+S tires.

EPA Fuel Economy

The amount of fuel consumed for the 2020 Lincoln Aviator in the city is 18 mpg , for the highway is 26 mpg and gets a combined consuming of about 21 mpg.

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