2018 Renault Captur

The New Renault Captur has been launched at 2017 Geneva Worldwide Motor Show.Europe’s best-selling urban crossover in 2016 with sales of 215,670 vehicles has reinvented by itself to feature more unique styling and new sophisticated technologies, without sacrificing any of its user-friendliness. For the following the first time, a collection-topping Captur Signature S Nav version will be available. .

Bolder appears more colour choice within the and out

The New Renault Captur builds on the model’s original success, for example its striking two-tone colour scheme, with three new body colours: Desert Ocollection Ocean Blue and Amethyst as well as a new Mercury Precious metal option for the roof. There will be 36 potential combinations enable customers to tailor the appearance of their New Captur to fulfill their personal taste.

The New Captur also offers seven different internal touch packs in the following colours: Ivory, Blue, Caramel, Red, Bronze-tinted Chrome, Satin Chrome and Smoked Chrome. These are complemented by surface area customisation packs in a choice of six colours: Ivory, Blue, Cappuccino, Red, Satin Chrome and Ocollection (hub caps and side sill protector).

Full-LED ‘Pure Vision’ front lights (keeping track of on version) enhance the 2 the vehicle’s look and safety, while slowing down glare. At the base of the bumper, New Captur incorporates the C-shaped LED Daytime Running Lights that have become recognised as the brand’s mild signature. The rear lights similarly include this hallmark, which is visible the 2 night and day.

Captur has evolved by taking a step closer in style to its bigger sibling, the Kadjar. The radiator grille has been altered to bring it more into line with the Renault brand’s other crossovers, with the addition of a chrome strip. At the 2 the front and rear, the bumper incorporates new skid plates in evidence of the Captur’s adventurous credentials.

Three types of wheel are available across the collection: one 16-inch rim (Adventure) and two 17-inch wheels (Emotion and Explore).

New Renault Captur can be specified with a established glass roof (keeping track of on version). Open up particularly in the vehicle’s two-tone configuration, this new feature provides an even brighter cabin.

The cabin is more delicate benefitting from high-high quality plastic materials, sleek chrome and elegantly subdued colours. The steering wheel is made from more upmarket materials and, on certain designs comes trimmed with full-grain leather. The gear lever statements a more modern appearance, while the door panels have been altered to seamlessly incorporate buttons and controls. The LED threshold light provides individual checking lights.

Open up on some designs new seats have been produced to be more cosseting, offering additional lateral support and greater comfort. At the same time, the New Captur retains its most practical amenities for example the availability of removable upholstery and Grip Xtend, keeping track of on trim level.

“The Captur was the first model in Renault’s new crossover line-up. It was important for us to refresh its external appearance in line with the newer models in the collection the Kadjar and the forthcoming Koleos. We also enhanced the high quality within the the cabin by changing injection-moulded plastic material with trimmed materials, and the choice of colours and fabrics is now more sophisticated too. We have paid great treatment to every fine detail overall and the strength of the car. We have upgraded the fit and finish of the car.”

Mario Polla Captur Style Project Manager

All-New Signature S Nav trim level

A chrome-fine detailed grille impresstely sets the New Captur Signature S apart. Careful treatment has also been paid to the front and rear skid plates, which feature a more metallic grey finish. The same effect is visible about the windows and drip seals, which are picked out in gloss black. Signature S designs enjoy a specific collection of colours, for example the new Amethyst launch option.

The internal ambience of the New Captur Signature S is just as esteemed with heated Nappa leather seats, full-grain Nappa leather trimming for the steering wheel, chrome embellishments, leather-trimmed doorpanels, aluminium pedals and aluminium door sills.

Finally, all of the in-car technologies available as options for the New Captur, for example Blind Spot Warning, Easy Park Assist, hands-free entry and keyless ignition, are common in the Signature S. These amenities are complemented by a premium BOSE® audio system and the very current version of Renault’s R-LINK press system, which grants access to all of the car’s press works with a single click, as well as all relevant smartphone programs courtesy of Android Auto™.

Advanced press systems

The BOSE® Premium Sound System transforms the Renault Captur’s cabin into a veritable concert hall, producing authentic, thoroughly clean and realistic music, worthy of a live effectiveness. This audio experience is achieved via a system based on seven high-definition BOSE® loudspeakers for example a subwoofer in the boot.

Three press systems are fitted according to gear level: R&GO, Push Nav and R-LINK Even from its entry gear level, the New Captur is totally connected courtesy of the new version of R&GO, Renault’s simple, smart system that transforms the user’s smartphone into a connected tablet set in its universal cradle. This practical system enables the user to unconsciously access the car’s most fascinating works, for example navigation via an in-app purchase, telephone press and vehicle data.

Certain designs are equipped with Push Nav – a step-by-step press system that offers excellent value for cash on thinking about the wealth of amenities it incorporates: navigation with traffic information Bluetooth handsfree identifying audio streaming via the user’s smartphone, plus a Driving Eco2 function to optimise at the rear of effectiveness and fuel consumption.

Renault R-LINK provides the New Captur with an sophisticated press system. More customisable than ever, it comes with a 7-inch screen. It incorporates navigation with real-time traffic changes 3G connectivity, Bluetooth, press playback (photos, videos) and a wide variety of programs via Renault’s R-LINK Store, as well as management of the vehicle’s at the rear of helps (keeping track of on version).

For the following the first time R-LINK is compatible with Android Auto™. Open up as common with the R-LINK system, Android Auto grants customers easy and direct access – via the 7-inch R-LINK display – to smartphone programs: telephone works, navigation, music and messages.

Blind Spot Warning and easier parking

For the following the first time, the Captur incorporates Blind Spot Warning, available on certain designs. 4 sensors work together to detect the presence of dance vehicles in the door mirror blind spots, for example motorbikes and bicycles. When a vehicle is detected in the driver’s blind spot for longer than a second a warning sign impresstely lights up in the door mirror. Active at speeds in between 19mph and 87mph, this era makes motoring safer for everybody.

In addition to its rear parking sensors, and keeping track of on version, the New Captur is also available with front parking sensors and a reverse parking camera to simplify manoeuvring and help to avoid the bumps and scrapes that are an every single day risk in built-up areas.

Another new addition – available for higher-end designs – is the Hands Free Parking function, which seriously facilitates parking manoeuvres. The driver begins by indicating what type of parking room they are looking for, be it parallel, perpendicular or at an angle. When the vehicle is travelling at speeds under 19mph, this system detects all available rooms. Once a correct room has been discovered the system calculates and co-ordinates the vehicle’s steering, information the driver does not need to touch the wheel and can focus completely on acceleration and braking.