2016 Honda Accord


New styled and aerodynamically efficient, the 9-generation 2016 Honda Accord Sedan and Accord Coupe models body designs and engineering characteristics are the most sophisticated in the Accord nameplate’s history. In each aspect of the body is tailor-made to assess every aspect of the Accord driver experience, from more precise ride and managing to a quieter interior environment, along with enhanced visibility and increased fuel efficiency.

The New Accord’s unit-body uses a big percentage of high-strength steel, which gives the Accord model high structural strength for enhaced ride quality and more precise cornering. The Sedan’s body style is bold and decisive, sleek and fluid, while the Coupe body design is rakish, taut and athletic. In both body styles, extensive use of aerodynamic detailing, including expanded use of under-covers, enhace the Accord’s aerodynamic efficiency, which directly benefits the fuel efficiency od the car.

For 2016 model, development work on the ninth-generation Accord sedan body has centered on increased rear body rigidity in order to significantly improve both ride quality and handling. Particular attention has been paid to increased torsional rigidity with incremental improvements in bending and lateral rigidity as well. New rigidity-enhancing body features for 2016 include:

More rigid rear bulkhead

More rigid front shock tower bar

New front upper member stiffener (except LX grade)

New center tunnel brace (except LX grade)

New front and rear damper housing stiffeners (except LX grade)


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